Top 5 Things Every Tourist Should Know Before Coming To Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and is known for its historic prowess evident in its ancient castles and 17th-century canals. It is said to be the most populous city of the Netherlands. The city attracts millions of tourists annually; hence; prior knowledge of the city is paramount before embarking on a tour.

Visitors arrive at the Amsterdam Airport School, where Amsterdam airport transfers are readily available to convey them to their desired destinations. There are various options one could choose from; The train, which is the fastest way to the city center, the bus which makes convenient stops close to hotels and the more comfortable taxi option which boasts of Sedan and Minivan vehicles which will convey you straight to your hotel / lodge within 20 minutes when the traffic is not at its peak.


Having settled down, here are five tips to note that will make your stay in Amsterdam comfortable.

  1. Avoid the bike lane: Amsterdam is believed to have more bicycles than people for some funny reason. The abundance of bicycles and bikes led to the creation of the bike lane different from the sidewalk. There is a bike icon indicating which one is which but be alert while walking and keep close tabs on your children.
  1. Make bookings ahead of time: Often, tourists are found haggling at the airport with taxi drivers over taxi fares or looking for suitable hotels after the stressful journey. This can be easily avoided by booking for your Amsterdam airport transfers and Hotels ahead of time. During the peak season in the Netherlands, which begins in April, hotel rates are bound to go up; therefore, bookings should be made months before your tour. Another way to sidestep extra costs is by making bookings during the week instead of booking during the weekend.

amsterdam night canals

  1. Know the difference between a COFFEESHOP and a COFFEE SHOP: There is always an initial phase of confusion amongst tourists when they walk into a “coffee shop” to request for coffee and are told they only sell marijuana. The “Coffee Shop”(space in between) is where to find coffee but is mostly referred to as café whereas; The “Coffeeshop”(no space) offers over the counter sale of marijuana. Some may have a counter while others may have small rooms for smoking purposes.
  1. Ignore the weather forecast; pack warm and cold: Amsterdam is known for its unpredictable weather. It could be bright and sunny in the morning and cold and wet for the rest of the day. While packing, prepare for both cold and warm kinds of weather; waterproof shoes and jackets are highly recommended.


  1. Go Dutch: The English language is spoken fluently here, but it is an added advantage to learn the Dutch greeting or saying “please” and “thank you” the Dutch way. You will communicate with the locals whether it is to ask for directions or small talk at the café or bars or talking to a waiter; so prepare your mind:
  • Goedmorgen (“KHOO duh MORE khen”) – Good morning
  • Dag (“dakh”) – Bye
  • Dank je wel (“dahnk yuh vel”) – Thank you very much
  • Alstublieft (“ALST oo bleeft”) – Please

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