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All-Inclusive Hawaii Vacations for families

All inclusive Hawaii vacations are affordable and great but there are a few things that families should keep in mind before traveling to Hawaii. Read on to find out some information about traveling to Hawaii as well as some fun things to do while in Hawaii. (more…)

Visiting Kauai, Hawaii on a tight budget

Visiting the Hawaiian Islands can be an expensive endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. Kauai can be a great alternative for those on a budget. To begin with, picking the right time of year can save a lot of money. Avoid the busy summer season, when children are out of school. (more…)

Waikiki Marriott Beach Resort and Spa – The No Stress Kid Vacation

I was three months pregnant, and we were going stir crazy knowing that there would soon be a ban on travel in the USA (note: most travel insurance companies will not cover pregnancy because it is a “previously known condition” so make sure you check with your carrier). We decided on Waikiki.

I always feel instant “vacation” when I go to Hawaii, as soon as I step off the plane and the warm air hits me. And even better, Hawaii is great with kids…here is why: (more…)