Important Things to Know Before Renting A Place in Sihanoukville

Amazing beaches, beautiful scenery, welcoming locals, a relaxed lifestyle, are just some of the reasons why so many expatriates decide to live in Sihanoukville. This guide will help you to understand the rental market in Sihanoukville better.

Whether you are searching for a house for rent in Sihanoukville, an apartment or a villa, you will know what to expect and what’s offered in one of Cambodia’s busiest and most interesting places.


Sihanoukville’s Real Estate Market

In the last few years, the real estate market in Sihanoukville has exploded. There are new projects everywhere you look. The growth of the real estate market is mainly because of the tourism that drives the real estate demand, and the Chinese real estate investors.

Popular Areas for Expatriates

Many people come to Sihanoukville for a vacation and tend to stay for months, and sometimes years. The excellent climate, the relaxed lifestyle, the low living costs, the welcoming locals, are just some of the reasons why that happens. Some of the most popular areas where expatriates stay include central Sihanoukville, Koh Rong, Victoria Beach, and Otres Beach.

Sihanoukville house for rent

The Cost of Rent in Sihanoukville

Rent is continuously rising over the past few years. However, that doesn’t mean one cannot find an affordable and decent place to stay. Here are the average rental fees in Sihanoukville.

  • You can get one room or a small studio between $300 and $400. The further you are from the center, the lower the rent is. It’s possible to rent rooms for as little as $200 per month.
  • A somewhat better and bigger apartment can be found for between $700 and $1,000. The more luxurious ones, like two-bedroom apartments, fully furnished and decorates, can be rented for between $1,500 and $2,000.
  • Villas are also quite popular with expatriates. The smaller ones are rented for amounts from $1,000 to $2,500 per month, while the luxurious ones can go for as much as $9,000 per month.
  • Shophouses are not too popular with foreigners. These tall skinny buildings are usually rented by the floor or the entire building. The first floor is reserved for shops, while the upper floors are designed for living. A whole building can be rented for as little as $8,000 and as high as $10,000.

Sihanoukville house for rent

Utility Bills in Sihanoukville

Water rates are typically between $5 and $10 per month, internet connection costs around $30 per month, and electricity is $0.18 per kWh. And if you add cleaning bills, garbage bills, cooling & heating bills, the full cost is around $80 per month. That’s the average cost of utility bills for 85 m. sq. Apartment.

Condominiums in Sihanoukville

Most of the Condominiums in Sihanoukville are offered for sale, rather than just renting. But renting is not excluded. They come with all the amenities like gyms, pools, cleaning services, and so on. One can find some of the best Condominiums in Sihanoukville in the following areas: New Landmark, The Blue Bay, and Prince Golden Bay.

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