Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Island

A lifetime’s inspiration and a world heritage site, it is one of the remarkable gifts endowed to the faraway continent of Australia. It is the world’s biggest system of coral reefs which is blessed with breathtaking beauty. A reigning natural wonder of the world with mammoth dimensions proclaiming it to be larger then the Great Wall of China. It is only living thing that can viewed from outer space.

An abundance of different species of marine life can be found here. The Great Barrier Reef is made up of more than three thousand reefs systems, coral clays and beautiful tropical islands. There are about hundreds of picturesque and sun soaked beaches to be found here.

The Great Barrier Reef Island is enchanting to say the least. Tourists can never have enough of the pristine islands and its beaches that they keep coming back for more. A spoiling experience with a choice of more than a hundred gorgeous and untouched islands. The islands range from the exotic, to the unique, the Whitsundays and the stunning Northern Islands. Come rediscover paradise at the Great Barrier Reef Island.

Some of the Great Barrier Reef Islands to be found here are the Bedarra Island, Brampton Island, Daydream Island, Dunk Island, Fitzroy Island, Great Keppel Island, Green Island, Haggerstone Island, Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Hinchinbrook Island, Lindeman Island, Lizard Island, Long Island and South Molle Island.
Bedarra Island:

Situated off the north coast of Queensland it belongs to the Family Islands group. It lies in between Cairns and Townsville and the nearby Dunk Island. At the Bedarra Island time is measured by the movement of the sun.

It is an amazing reef fringed tropical island which must be seen to be believed. Here one can do as one wishes, when one wishes. The Bedarra Island can be reached only by a private launch from the neighboring Dunk Island. The island has more beaches then the guests it plays host to.

Great Barrier Reef

The island is a great place for couples seeking a vacation paradise to spent romancing in the solitude and tranquil atmosphere. A place to rest the senses and rejuvenate in the gorgeous scenery. In terms of accommodation there is a lot of privacy and seclusion on offer here. The places to stay on the island are hidden in the lush rainforests which offers panoramic sights and views of the beautiful landscapes even from the comfort of the bed.

One can indulge in water sporting activities such as water skiing, jet skiing and parasailing. Or take a day off to the Dunk Island where one can pamper oneself silly with the Day Spa facilities.
Daydream Island:

Daydream Island is part of the Molle Island groups which in turn is part of the famous Whitsunday Islands. It is one of inhabited island to be found here. It is nestled at the heart of Great Barrier Reef. The island is a kilometer long and half of a kilometer in width.

The Daydream Island is well placed with the tourists because it is easily accessible five kilometers from the Shute Harbor. This island resort is ideal for exploring the Great Barrier Reef and the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands. The island is a great destination for both couples as well as families.

The charms of the islands lie in the spectacular rainforest, the secluded beaches and the stunning bays. One of the fabulous beaches that can be experienced here are the Sunlovers Beach which is fringed by outcrops of live corals. One can find here over fifty different varieties of corals and forty species of marine fishes.

The island’s beaches are the perfect place for underwater exploration and great snorkeling. Daydream Island is a tranquil and peaceful place in the midst of nature making it one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Dunk Island:

The island belongs to the group of Family islands. The Dunk Island is the largest of the group and is serene tropical paradise. The brilliant blue vistas of the sky and the rainforests welcome you to the island. A prized tropical paradise having a perfect balance of blues and greens.

At the island one can spend time exploring the coral reefs or wandering on the island. One of the fascination tracks around the island takes you from the Dunk island resort, across the suspension bridge and to the Mount Koo-Tal-Oo. The sights from here are similar to the picturesque snaps on postcards revealing palm fringed beaches and the dotted islands in the distance.
Where to stay?

The Dunk island resort has comfortable suites with all the modern amenities and a variety of activities and facilities on the offer. Most of the rooms here have a double glass door which leads to a huge balcony. The rooms have a coastal feeling and encourage relaxation. Amenities include mini bat stocked to the hilt, CD player and bathrobes. Also available are interconnecting rooms.

The rooms are beach side and have direct paths leading to the beach. They offer uninterrupted sights over the Brammo Bay. The beach front rooms are spacious and bright with king size beds, and having a luxurious bathroom with twin vanity.

The dining experience is par excellence with the options of barbeque in the beach café, Cascade pool bar, Plantation Lounge and Bar, EJ on the Deck and Beachcomber Restaurant.