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5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Apartments in Dubai

Since Dubai started to build its infrastructure industry, more and more properties have been created. And because of this boom in the industry, a lot of properties are offered at a very attractive price. More and more people are considering to spend investments or their retirement in the city.

Dubai is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Whether you’re in the city to take a vacation or take care of businesses, there’re a lot of housing options for you. Here are some of the strongest reasons why getting apartments for rent in Dubai is a great idea.


1. Modern facilities all in one place

Dubai’s infrastructures are known for its modern facilities. Being the center of trading in the country, its buildings, such as the Burj Khalifa, are made with modern facilities in mind. And this also goes to their modern apartment for rents, especially in a place like Dubai Marina. Other useful facilities, such as restaurants and shopping malls, are also present in modern Dubai.

2. The landlord is not allowed to suddenly raise rent

We all have seen at least one movie or one TV show that depicts an evil landlord who raises the rent to torture the main character. This is not possible in Dubai, where the landlord is prohibited from raising the rent in a whim. Before he or she can raise your rent, a 90-day notice should be published and announced. Make it a habit to always become updated on Rent Index.

dubai penthouses

3. There’s a 12-month’s written notice before eviction

Another great thing about Dubai’s apartment rental rules is its eviction rule. Legally, the landlord cannot throw your things out of the unit when he or she wants to evict you. However, it can be done 12 months later. Landlords need to issue a memo which states his/her decision to evict you from the unit. Also, the eviction should only be done via a notarized document or a registered mail. If you had a spat with your landowner over the phone and he/she is evicting you, that’s not legally enforceable.

4. Proximity in most prominent working sites

One of the features of being in Dubai is the fact that most international businesses and local owners alike operate in the country’s center. Both local vendors and international vendors can offer their products to the convenience of people in the area. Getting both local and international products are made easy.

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5. You can choose between furnished and unfurnished units

When it comes to apartments, a lot of people choose furnished rooms because of its convenience. However, some people would get an unfurnished unit to maximize the customization that can be put in a room. Since this is based on the customer’s reference, you can specify ahead what kind of unit you want. After the negotiation, don’t forget to register this on RERA, and fill up both the Ejari and move in form.

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