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Weather & Seasons In Aruba – Best Time To Visit Aruba Resorts

Aruba Marriott ResortAruba is a small island (in length of 33 kilometers or 21 miles) located in the Leeward Antilles (together with other two Dutch islands – Curaçao & Bonaire – and several smaller islets belonging to Venezuela), part of the Lesser Antilles, in the southernmost part of Caribbean Sea. This part of Netherlands is since years one of the most visited islands in the entire region due to the numerous high-end hotels and beach resorts that provide fantastic all inclusive vacation packages, but also because of the excellent weather. Due to the excellant weather conditions Aruba resorts are extremely popular among tourists. You can find more details here.

Most people know about the Caribbean Sea that it features a warm tropical weather and only two seasons, one dry and one wet, the last one including a hurricane season. These characteristics are just partially recognizable in Aruba because it is located completely outside of the hurricane belt and features a unique and very specific weather.

The average temperature in Aruba is 82 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius), the average rainfall is under 20 inches per year (most rains occurring in October, November, and December), and the temperature variation is extremely low between seasons (just 3.6 degrees). Consequently, the weather is almost always splendid and perfect for beach vacations, practicing water sports, and taking sightseeing tours of the island. Due to the climatic characteristics and specific seasons in Aruba, some parts (especially the central area) are very arid and occupied by desert, creating an amazing contrast in comparison with the lush all inclusive beach resorts located on seashores! However, the permanent trade winds refresh constantly the air, and as a result tourists don’t feel the tropical heat in any way, even during the safari tours through the desert areas. Along with excellent air temperatures, the waters of Caribbean Sea are generally warm (excepting sometimes March because of the cold stream that runs throughout the Caribbean from March to June and the cold air masses coming from the eastern coast of USA), reaching 89 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) around island of Aruba and creating magnificent conditions for aquatic sports such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, yachting, and windsurfing (there are some of the best conditions on the planet for last enumerated activity).

When is the best time to visit Aruba? Due to the fact that weather in Aruba is constantly good and there are no hurricanes, going on holiday to this island is advisable at any time of the year, so there is almost permanently peak season! Excepting the months of November and December when the rains are a little bit more frequent and also more significant (yet generally being represented by passing rain showers), Aruba is very dry and warm, but, thanks to the cooling trade winds, without the hot environment present on other Caribbean islands. In April, May and June the weather features the less wet days (7–8) and for this reason many tourists book hotel deals and vacation packages in this interval, therefore it can be said that in this period is the high season in Aruba.

The popularity of all inclusive vacation packages to Aruba is increasing continuously, and as a consequence there are more and more tourists interested in visiting this Caribbean island. Unfortunately, many of them have few information on the weather and seasons that characterize it and book vacation packages in the peak season, time when all hotels practice the highest room rates. In exchange, savvy voyagers know that going on vacation to Aruba is fantastic in both seasons and benefit on the many travel deals, last minute offers, and vacation specials provided by most hotels and resort complexes due to the sheer competition on the local travel scene.