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Travel Tales from Carilo Beach Resort

One of the best parts of going to a lovely beach locale is the unusual and unique beach experiences that we come back with. Carilo Beach resort is one such place which gives such travel memories and more and gives you the right reason to be a part of such lovely experiences. Coming from the Mapuche word “Green Dune”, Carilo is a fantastic beach resort in Argentina.

Located in a densely growing verdant region in the Atlantic coast of the Buenos Aires Province, Carilo has the greatest scenic sights and the most ideal travel attractions. Earlier the access to this place was strictly restricted by the authority ruling here. But today Carilo Beach Resort is a publicly accessible place and has the best experiences to dole out.

Carilo Beach

The unique part of being in the Carilo Beach resorts is that it has activities for all ages. So the tourists coming here would surely enjoy surfing here and also playing in the sand dunes which are the main attractions here. Hotels and lodges here are comfortable and convenient and give the best pleasures of dune bashing. One gets quads or vehicles and has the best travel delights.

Carilo region as such was a desert region and had the best of dunes. This lay close to the sea and today it has been transformed to a lovely beach. It was in the year 1920, that Mr. Hector Manuel Guerrero started the process of “Dos Montes” or the forestation of the farm zones here. The “Medanos” was a cattle ranch here which had a huge surface. Medanos in Spanish means dunes. There were many problems here for transportation so the Guerrero family decided to maintain the forestation till the sea shore. They also brought along some bird species and fruit trees.

Carilo Beach

Then in the year 1935, this forest zone came to be known as Carilo which means Green dune in the local Mapuche language. Then sometime in the year 138, the nurseries of the forest were brought to the “Dos Montes” farm.

Some more trees around 660 thousand of them were planted in the year 1947. By the time it was 170, there were many nurseries but these were disabled by the authorities.

Today Carilo is a lovely beach town with the best lodges, cabins and hotels notwithstanding the summer houses that are so popular here. Argentinian tourists come to this quick getaway spot and spend their vacations in leisure here. There are beach lovers coming from afar just to enjoy the serene surroundings, the lovely sandy dunes and the beautiful scenic sights that this place has to offer. With the best ocean views and a clean ambience, the Carilo beach is the right place to be in for all families.

Downtown Carilo is another area where the tourist would love to go just to enjoy the special kinds of shops that are found in the Paseo Epuyen. With small restaurants for the families, this is a great leisure zone for all those who come here and for those tourists who want the best dining and entertaining experiences.

Dune bashing in Carilo beach resort is a common and favourite reason why people come here. So with the tourists wanting more and more of adventure it is not surprising that the beach enthusiasts head towards Carilo for better pleasures and for exciting activities like dune bashing.

Dune bashing

The fact that this is a beach cum forest region excites the interests of the beach lovers who don’t miss a chance to be in this land of scenic splendour, exciting activities and memorable pleasures. With the nature lover also getting his due, it is no wonder that the Carilo beach resort is a great place to be in for all those who wish to get a slice of the life here.