Top Things You Can Do As a Family in Brussels

With an outstanding variety of attractions, Brussels is one of the cities most indicated for families, as tourists of any age and interests can easily be satisfied. Between its fascinating history revealed through quaint architecture and fantastic museums, an incredible cuisine with several world-famous foods and drinks, the beautiful sights and rich social activities, you are bound to build some great memories in the place. Before looking at some of the best things to do with your family, let’s first give a new tip that many newcomers seem to need.


Once I am at the airport, what is the best way of reaching my place of accommodation?

The most important thing to consider here is the way you will feel upon landing. More often than not, you will be tired and have to carry your luggage with you as well. Finding your way on your own through a city you are not familiar with will be tricky and uncomfortable in this condition.

What we recommend that you use are Brussels airport transfer services. These provide the best combination of speed and comfort that you can get, while the prices remain surprisingly affordable. You will be able to forget all the worries regarding routes and luggage, as professionals will take care of all these stress-inducing aspects. What you will be left with is the opportunity to rest on your way to the hotel and then prepare yourself for the fun parts of the trip. Once you are settled, here are the best things to do with your family.

Best family activities in Brussels

  1. Experience the world-famous Belgian chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Children and adults alike are guaranteed to appreciate the countless excellent varieties found here, as Belgium is among the most appreciated producers in the world.

Outstanding shops can be found in any area of Brussels, with various festivals and even a museum serving to celebrate one of the most important parts of its cuisine. A tasty tour of the city is definitely one of the mandatory and most appealing opportunities to explore in the city.


  1. Visit Mini Europe

There is no better way of learning more  about the whole continent than with a fun display of carefully crafted and incredibly detailed models of major European cities and monuments.

This excellent experience can serve to satisfy the curiosity of children and instill the desire to explore and learn more about the world, while adults will be equally delighted to see incredible works of art up close. If you are trying to decide on your next vacation destination, these architectural replicas can definitely help you find new places to fall in love with.

Mini Europe

  1. Visit Walibi Belgium

An intense experience that is sure to be remembered, Walibi is an amusement park with excellent adrenaline-inducing opportunities through its roller coasters, thrill rides and other similar options. The place also has children play areas and various events such as Halloween specials with special effects, scary decorations and various festivities.

It would be a mistake to skip this attraction, as the cheerful atmosphere and fun activities are guaranteed to create incredible memories for you and your family.

Walibi Belgium

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