Tips For Purchasing Fresh Meat

Meat is an essential part of the daily diet and is the main source of protein. Apart from being a major source of protein it also consists of other essential nutrients like iron, zinc, magnesium and fatty acids.

Following are some tips that can help you in purchasing good quality meat:

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1.    The appearance of the meat

In order to have tasty food, it is essential to purchase meat that is tender, juicy and full of flavour. You can easily assess the quality of meat by its appearance. It should not have any bruises, broken bones or feathers. Also, make sure that the flesh is not exposed and the skin is not damaged. If the flesh is exposed then it will get dry during cooking. Moreover, the surface of the meat should not be too wet or dry. It should not have any blood splashes.

2.    Colour of the Meat

Fresh or good quality meat is bright red except for chicken meat. If the meat is not fresh its colour will be dark and there is will be a spot of discoloration if the meat is not handled properly. If it is very old, its colour changes to brown, grey or a greenish shade. 

3.    Smell

It is essential to smell the meat you are about to purchase. Fresh meat has a slightly acidic smell. If the meat smells rancid then do not purchase it and select a new piece. The main reason the smell of meat changes is due to bacterial activity.

Always purchase meat that is cold when you touch it. If you use meat delivery Sydney make sure they have a portable cold storage for proper transportation of meat.

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