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Golden Gate Bridge Facts

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco is the suspension bridge which was built across the strait of Golden Gate which is the San Francisco Bay’s opening into the cool Pacific Ocean.
Amazing Golden Gate Bridge Facts:

Golden gate in the name of the strait over which spans this San Francisco Bridge. Captain John C Fremont in the year 1846 named the strait ‘Chrysopylae’ which means golden gate.

The bridge was the longest in the entire world from the time it was completed in the year 1937 until the time the New York based Verrazano Narrows Bridge was constructed in 1964. Its till is the second longest suspension bridge in the US and the ninth longest in the whole world.

The massive length of the Golden Gate Bridge spans 1.7 miles (2,737 m). The width of this colossal bridge is 90 feet. The bridge lies suspended from the high waters below by an average of 220 feet. The huge bridge when constructed weighed a mammoth 894500 tons.
Golden Gate Bridge Facts: Construction

A new safety record in construction was set during that time, as during the Golden Gate’s construction there were reported 11 casualties. Builders had expected as per estimation about 35 workers to die. A safety innovation that seemed to have helped in protecting the lives of the workers was a safety net which was suspended under the floor of the bridge.

A club was formed which was nick names the Half way to Hell Club. Its members were the workers who survived when they fell into the safety net of the bridge. An estimated 19 lives were saved and they found mention in the honor rolls of the club.

The steel for the bridge was made in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. The sum total of the steel was 83000 tons.
Golden Gate Bridge facts: Tourist information

It is one of the world’s most gorgeous spans and an engineering wonder. This stunner of a bridge is situated in San Francisco and can be passed when traveling in the northwestern side of this sunny state. It is located on the US Highway 101. The best time to visit the bridge would be on a still and clear day.

The Golden Gate Bridge is open to Bicycles and Automobiles around the clock 24 hours a day. Pedestrians however are allowed only during the day light time period. The toll is applicable to automobiles which are south bound.

To take it the beauty of the vista points on the bridge it can take about half an hour. Walking about the vista points can take an hour and is well worth it. One can appreciate the mammoth height and size of the bridge only by walking on it. The iconic ‘hop on hop off’ double decker buses are the best to see the bridge in all its glory.