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Often called as the “Palace of baths”, the Gellert Spa located after the Danube River in the Buda side of Budapest deserves a visit. If you have planned out some holidays or are planning to do so, do not miss it out. The historical, beautiful and enchanting bathhouse of the one the most attracting highlights of the Budapest city are here to explore and enjoy.

gellért spa

The artistic and architectural skills resulted in Art Nouveau style and added beauty to the whole set of facilities. Tourists from across the world look out for Gellert Spa as they step into the Hungarian capital. The serene environment you get to experience there is rarely found.

Back in the thirteenth century, there was a hospital for healing at the same place. But with the invasion of Ottomans, it came up with a proper thermal bathing avenue. The Turkish bath proved to be a basis resulting in what we see it now. The structure was even damaged in the hustling of the second world war, later it was reestablished and renovated to people enjoy it more and in a better manner. The building is a combo of the hotel and a spa. Gellert Spa has all, what one can even imagine in his/her wildest fantasies.

The reconstruction work was in continuation from those days. There were some eventful changes and updates made in the structure of the bathhouse cum hotel which embedded all of the amenities usually required to have fun. Pools with the big variety, various relaxing saunas, amazingly healing massage treatments and whatnot. The list goes on and on. Even it will unjust to try to visit the whole in a short tour. You need time to absorb the pleasure. You will take some good days to make use of all the beautiful resources available.

Gellert spa


Gellert Spa has a big number of water-based facilities. The pools and the thermal baths host most of the love and praise from the visitor. Among them, the thermal bath takes the lead. Thermal baths have their massive fan-following. The water coming from the Gellert hills from underground is the main source here. The temperature of the water is ideal varying from 35 to 40 degree Celsius. Let alone the hot water makes a big difference in you. More to that, the minerals calcium, magnesium, hydrocarbonate, alkalis, sulfate, fluoride, and chloride have the heavenly utilities. Nothing in the world can solve your problems with nerves, joints and blood circulation as the minerals reduce them. Still, there is no stopping. Even respiratory are positively cured with naturally blessed and equipped water.


Extensive range of pools will excite you right from the heart at first sight. As you go in, witness people having the fun of their life, the level of excitement will blow up to a new level. 10 pools are available for you to bang in. The pools vary in size, texture, temperature and the environment but each of them is undoubtedly a great rejuvenating package. All of them are open for visitors from 6 in the morning to 8 in night regardless of holidays, national days, religious occasions or whatever. Come and celebrate Gellert Spa whenever you like. The large main pool has to be the first to dive in. it is indeed a big hit with 27-degree temperature. You may need to wear a swimming cap to jump there.

As you go further after a door, you will find thermal pools awaiting your presence with on as hot as 40 Celsius and other with 30. The stunning outdoor pool is one of the most loved pools, especially in summer. Apart from that the geothermal thermal pools also worth a visit and a good time.

There is no sense in enjoying the geothermal pool with organically hot water and not moving towards a massage. There is no more effective combo than that. All the massage packages start with a bath ticket, a changing room, a cabin and a quick 20 minutes massage just against 25 Euro only. Moreover, you can request the addition of half an hour to hour massages. Note that you cannot kill away your pain with massages without a bath ticket. And also the facilities are available from 10 am to 6 in the evening. Aroma, thermal, head and foot massage fall in the category of short massages. With that, the full-body massages are also up for you in Gellert Spa. These include Orange Joy, Dreamy elderflower with certain categories, Rosemary miracle massage for your relaxation.
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The list does not end here. You can also exert the pressure inside from Royal Thermal massages as well. Some special massage treatments are also organized here with Thai massage adding more diversity in the available choices. We at Gellert Spa have even designed perfect healing and satisfying massage for the pregnant women.


All of the discussed factors are a few of the highlights offered by the bathhouse in total. There are many other offerings and choices for you here. Promise your heart not to give up and lose the stamina as you have to enjoy everything from the start till the end of your time in Budapest. Gellert Spa even in the craziest and unreal cannot disappoint you. The high-quality pools, saunas, thermal baths, massages, and many other factors will you leave you flabbergasted.


Get your friends for the company to better your time there. Just pack your belongings. Leave for the airport. Step into the Hungarian capital, the City of Spas to feel the pleasure of heaven. This would the best addition in your traveling diary. Mark my words. You will make it the way I say. Exert your pain. Release your frustrations. Get your joints and other physical issues fixed naturally.


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