Basic Changes In Office Surroundings Can Result In Improved Office Morale


Companies welcome the change in the office premises because of the positive attitude of employees and hence management does take lots of interest in such things. No one wants to work in boring and monotonous surrounding and hence management do participate in making the premises vibrant and interesting as it directly affects upon productivity of employees. Placing indoor plants is one such initiative which is being welcomed by employees and management do invest in it.

Attachment with Greenery

Only in recent years we have started working in closed buildings and have completely cut down ourselves from nature. People feel stress, dullness and similar feeling when the work in closed environment away from nature and this is the reason that management have started hiring companies for placing indoor plants in offices so that the employee feels refreshed and it improves their office morale. Employee love to have plants nears their desk as it gives them the feeling of completeness because we are living near the plants since millions of years.

Increases compassions and concern

While employees are surrounded by plants they start feeling themselves attached with them. Attachment of employees makes them concerned for plants they are surrounded with and they do call plant company if they feel any one of those plant is falling sick or dying. This makes the employee more compassionate. Indoor plant is hired by management of offices across the world.

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