5 Best Cities for Expats in Vietnam

In recent years, people around the world started going to Vietnam to take residence as an expat, and there are a lot of reasons for this move. The most notable one is that the cost of living is way cheaper than in their home countries, especially for people from the west. The climate is tropical year-round. However, the most appealing thing in the country is its vibrant culture, which can be seen in different cities.


The list below contains some of the most famous spots that expats decide to turn into their second homes. Each city has a unique property that caters to individual tastes, lifestyle, and budget. Find what suits your personality and budget better with the five best cities.

1. Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is probably the most popular destination for tourists and expats to consider. It is dubbed as “the city that never sleeps” for some reason. A lot of international companies are operating here, with the majority of shops and stores open for 24 hours. You can find a lot of recreational activities and essential structures, such as hospitals and banks. Take note that this city gets sweltering hot during the summer.


2. Hanoi

Hanoi comes second to the list of places that expats usually consider when living in Vietnam. It has a cooler climate year-round and doesn’t have that city flair like in Ho Chi Minh. However, this doesn’t mean that the city doesn’t have all the amenities. You can find parks, shopping malls, and nightlife. Property for rent in Hanoi is also expected to be a bit cheaper.

hanoi apartment


3. Da Lat

Speaking of colder weather, Da Lat is another popular spot to go to. This city has cool weather year-round, which is caused by its altitude of about 5,000 feet. If you want a simpler life centered in reconnecting with nature, Da Lat is a better alternative than Hanoi. With its French-influenced culture and architecture, anyone can enjoy its comfy feels. One catch that any foreigner can encounter is that locals are not that fluent in speaking English.


4. Da nang

Of course, there’s also a destination for people who like to live near the beach. Da Nang is recommended for people who like to get some physical exercise with some adventure occasionally. It has great beaches that the majority of people would find attractive. Besides, the other side of Da Nang is full of challenging mountains to trek. Modern comforts such as internet connectivity are quite decent, that’s why its also one of the favorite cities for digital nomads in Thailand.


5. Nha Trang

And last but not least is Nha Trang, which you’ve probably visited if you’re a Russian. It is also a coastal city known for its beaches and tourist spots. Nightlife is teeming with a lot of events, and convenience stores are nearby. You can also enjoy different Vietnamese food by going to nearby dining options.


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